About Paradigm

About Paradigm

Paradigm Wellness & Support Services is a private and progressive home care and support service agency located in Lethbridge, Alberta. Started in July 2000, Paradigm takes great pride in the quality of our staff and our individualized, client-centred programs.  By providing our clients with meaningful choices, not only do we improve a person’s quality of life, we will also positively influence the way aging, illness, disease and disability are viewed by our society. 

We provide services to people in their homes, in facilities, and various other settings in and around Southern Alberta.


In order for any service to be therapeutic, the people involved need to be comfortable with each other.We believe that an individual has the right to determine who they work with, when and what services are to be provided.  Staff and clients are matched up based on personality, skill set. and the needs of the client, not just when any staff might be available.  

We provide an opportunity for the family members and individual to meet our staff ahead of time to ensure they are a great match.  99% of the time we get it right, but for whatever reason it doesn’t, we switch staff up with no explanations needed.  

We operate on a “caseworker” approach; one staff is assigned to implement the program designed for the individual ensuring a strong rapport can be built as well as consistency. 

We believe that helping an individual and their family does not have to be clinical, obvious, or stuffy.  We do not wear nametags, scrubs or anything else that would identify a person as a “client.”  The greatest compliment we often receive is that staff are often mistaken as family.  Sometimes family members cannot be there for a multitude of reasons.  We strive to be the next best thing.

We are strong advocates for our clients, ensuring that their needs and rights are upheld.

All staff are thoroughly screened and undergo an extensive verbal and written interview.

We believe that a person should receive the same level of care whether they are twenty-seven or ninety-seven. We also believe that all people are entitled to live to their fullest potential right until the time of death. We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to care, recognizing that there are multiple ways to address different situations.